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Isaac Jensen, Houseworker, UMass Memorial Medical Center


Isaac loves living in Worcester. He and his family arrived here five years ago by way of New York City from Liberia. He learned sign language in Liberia to help the many members of his congregation who were deaf. He has put that skill to work at UMass Memorial Medical Center’s University Campus where he is a houseworker. “I saw a woman in the lobby who was having trouble. I asked her in sign language if she was deaf. She was, so I walked with her and helped her to make an appointment.”

He shrugs it off as if it was no big deal, but it was a big deal to the patient. And, that is how Isaac is.

One day while cleaning he noticed a woman who had been on that particular floor recently and he told her he hoped she was getting better. “There is hope,” he said. “I wanted to make her feel very good.”

Isaac goes out of his way to make patients feel comfortable, referring to them as “Sir" or “Ma’am," explaining why he is there and creating a welcoming environment. Always ready to share the work, he is quick to help other team members, lifting items that are too heavy for them.

“Isaac is a very humble man,” said Manager John Mcglone. “He takes his role very seriously and understands the importance of customer service to our patients; he is truly a valued employee.”

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