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Grant Opportunities

At UMass Memorial Health, we believe in the power of ideas. Our caregivers are our army of innovators, helping us each and every day to become the best place to give care and the best place to get care through innovation. To ensure these ideas are successful, we’ve created various innovation funds to fuel ideas that require additional funding.

Carl Atkins Risk Management Grants

The UMass Memorial Self-Insurance Program seeks proposals from UMass Memorial Health employees, departments, programs and affiliates for grant-funded projects related to risk management (projects specifically designed to eliminate or minimize risk). Up to $100,000 in funding is available. This amount may be divided among several proposals. Learn more about Carl Atkins Risk Management Grants.

Clinician Experience Office (CXO) Grant

The Clinician Experience Office offers Wellness Grants for principal investigators with a primary faculty appointment at UMass Chan Medical School. Wellness Grants are awarded based on set criteria for research that identifies, implements, and evaluates strategies and tactics for establishing, enhancing, and expanding resilience, mental health, and wellness for clinicians. Up to $10,000 is available per each accepted research project. Learn more about CXO grants.

Digital Health Insights Grant (DIGI Grant)

UMass Memorial Health’s Center for Digital Health Solutions (CDHS) seeks proposals from UMass Memorial Medical Group members for the Digital Health Insights Grant. This program will provide grant awards to health care providers to support novel approaches to the use of digital health technologies that have a positive impact on quality, efficiency, patient and/or provider engagement, health equity, or financial outcomes. The goal of this grant award is to support our health care providers and foster innovation in digital health across UMass Memorial Health. Learn more about the DIGI grant.

Enterprise Clinical Oversite Committee (ECOG)

Quality Improvement and Clinical Integration Grant Program – This grant aims to continuously improve the quality of care delivered through our health care system while reducing the cost of care for our patients. The ECOG provides teams of caregivers with up to $25,000 to support standardization of care that meaningfully improves quality and/or reduces the cost of care delivered to our patients. Learn more about ECOG.

Health Equity and Inclusion Seed Program

This seed program supports ideas for systemwide improvements with the goals of eliminating health disparities (inequities) for UMass Memorial Health patients and clients and helping UMass Memorial Health caregivers feel a sense of belonging and inclusion within our community. Submitted ideas, or “seeds,” must come from a team of caregivers that includes at least one frontline team member and one manager. Learn more about Health Equity and Inclusion Seed Program.

Innovation Fund Grants

The Idea System Innovation Fund, known as simply the Innovation Fund, supports ideas that come through your team's idea system and require additional funding to be implemented. Innovation Fund requests are reviewed monthly (requests under $10,000) and bimonthly (requests over $10,000) by the Innovation Fund Committee, which is comprised of the health care system’s caregiver experience team and Eric Dickson, MD, President and CEO, UMass Memorial Health. Learn more about Innovation Fund Grants.

Prize for Academic Collaboration and Excellence (PACE) Award

The PACE Award provides funding for physician research. This award supports the engagement of Medical Group physicians in innovative, cutting-edge, investigator-initiated research, encourages interdepartmental collaboration, showcases the Medical Group’s commitment to academic excellence, reinforces our identity as a group comprised of academic physicians, and is open to any area of investigation. The PACE program is funded with a $300,000 grant from UMass Memorial Medical Group in collaboration with UMass Chan Medical School. The number of awards granted will depend on the number of winners selected from the top five submissions. The maximum award will be $100,000. All grants will be distributed over a two-year funding period. Learn more about the PACE award.