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Prize for Academic Collaboration and Excellence (PACE)

UMass Memorial Medical Group Cares About Academic Excellence

Because we care about our physicians involvement in academic activities we have developed the PACE Prize to support medical group physicians in research.

Introduction and Purpose

The UMass Memorial Medical Group  is pleased to announce a funding call for the Prize for Academic Collaboration and Excellence (PACE) Award. This award supports the engagement of UMMMG physicians in cutting edge-research; encourages interdepartmental collaboration; showcases UMMMG’s commitment to academic excellence, and reinforces UMMMG’s identity as a group comprised of academic physicians.

The goal of award funding is to support innovative investigator-initiated research, and is open to any area of investigation. It is assumed that successful projects will attract additional funding from extramural sources.

The PACE program is funded with a $200,000 grant from UMass Memorial Medical Group to support inter-departmental teams innovative research.

  • The number of awards funded dependent on winners selected, and the amount of each award, from the TOP 5 submissions.
  • The maximum award will be $100K.
  • All grants will be distributed over a two-year funding period.
  • Funds are to be used at the discretion of the PIs, and typically cover trainee support, reagent costs, use of consultation/core services and small equipment.
  • Up to 25% of total over two years may be used for PIs’ salary support.
  • Indirect costs are not allowed.

The window to submit applications for the 2021 PACE Prize is now closed.

Information and Request for Letters of Intent (PDF)

Questions: Contact Dr. Max Rosen or Dr. Shlomit Schaal

Interested?  Here are more details:

  • Goal: Innovative investigator initiated research
    • Open to any area of investigation
  • Must be an inter-departmental team
    • Two (2) or more UMMMG faculty from different departments
    • All faculty PIs must be UMMMG members
    • One (1) PI must be an assistant or associate professor
    • Preference will be given to:
      • Iinvestigators without previous substantial outside funding
      • Research that can readily be translated to improve clinical care or clinical outcomes.
  • Funds to be distributed over two years.
  • Money to be used at the discretion of the PIs for the research project
    • Up to $25,000 (25% of total) over two years may be used for PIs’ salary support.
    • Indirect costs are not allowed

Criteria for Awards

The evaluation criteria that are used to review proposals include the following:

  • Intellectual Merit – projects that include all efforts to enhance the impact of scholarly endeavors on benefiting the human condition, which for the purposes of this fund include enabling technologies, will be considered for funding
  • Alignment to True North
  • Collaboration – projects that include investigators from multiple departments will be considered for funding
  • Growth Opportunity – projects that demonstrate the opportunity to be leveraged to attract and secure outside funding from federal, state, industry, foundation and other sources will be considered for funding
  • Use of UMCCTS Resources - Applicants will receive added consideration from the reviewers if they plan to use one or more of the research resources available through the UMCCTS.

Download PDF Instructions