Heart and Vascular Center of Excellence
February 2020
Cut 300 Calories a Day for Heart Health
Need another reason to skip dessert? A study found that consuming just 300 fewer calories each day can help protect your heart. And itís not just about losing weight (although shedding a few pounds could be an added bonus). Read more.

Roasted Pistachio-Crusted Salmon and Kale Salad

A simple crust of toasted pistachios takes salmon from everyday delicious to special enough for guests. This 30-minute recipe is from Cooking Light. Read more.

Go Nuts for Heart Health
Humans have nibbled on nuts for centuries. Archeologists discovered almonds stashed in King Tut's tomb in Egypt. They also unearthed walnuts from the ruins of Pompeii. From positive effects on cholesterol levels to reducing the risk of heart disease and even some cancers, nuts are good for you. Read more.

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