Heart and Vascular Center of Excellence
August 2019
Dine Out the Healthy Way
For Americans, dining out is a part of life. Whether for convenience or to socialize, itís something many do on a regular basis. But if youíre trying to manage your diet, it can be challenging to find healthy selections on the menu. These resources and tips will help you stay on track.

Walk Toward a Healthier You

An object in motion, stays in motion. But what about your body? To keep yourself limber through the year, you must keep your body moving. This doesnít have to mean intense cardio or strength training. It could be as simple as a 30-minute walk every day. Need some help getting started? Read more.

Managing Your Medicines
Like many people with heart disease, you probably take more than one medicine. Heart medicines may help you be more active. They may also help you live longer and more comfortably. Using them correctly is important to your health. Read more.

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