Marlborough Hospital provides treatment for psychiatric challenges at all levels of care. Psychiatric and mental health challenges can significantly impair a person’s ability to function and can negatively impact basic daily living, relationships, work, as well as one’s overall quality of life.

Our staff provides responsive, high-quality mental health care with the ultimate goal of restoring an individual to an optimal level of functioning.

Behavioral Health

At HealthAlliance Hospital we provide psychiatric assessment and treatment of adolescents ages 16 and older and adults in a caring environment. As part of our psychiatry services, we do offer emergency mental health evaluations in our emergency room and psychiatric consultations for patients who are admitted to HealthAlliance.

The primary treatment goal is to restore patients to their optimal level of functioning as quickly as possible.

Services include:

  • Emergency evaluation
  • Crisis intervention
  • Consultation services


If you, your child or a family member is struggling with mental illness, you can turn to UMass Memorial Medical Center. Our team of psychiatrists is among the largest in the region and is helping adults, adolescents and children transform their lives through new treatments and cutting-edge research for mental illness.

Psychiatric Conditions

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