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Diana Hamilton-Rousseau, LICSW, Clinician treating developmentally disabled patients, UMass Memorial – Community Healthlink

It’s not hard for me to be kind. That’s probably because I really like my job. I really do. After 32 years, that’s pretty amazing. People respect me for that, and it’s easy to be kind when you feel respected.

A big part of being kind is that I always keep my eyes and ears open. If I see someone looking confused or struggling with a door, I offer to help. With the population I work with — adults with developmental impairment — they often need a little extra help. Part of being kind is actively listening. I really believe in the power of listening. People need to be heard.

The tenets outlined in the Standards of Respect don’t always come naturally to everyone, so I think it’s important to be reminded. None of us is perfect. We can all work to improve on any one of these standards.

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