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Vendor Access

By July 1, 2008, all vendors must be listed in the UMass Memorial vendor registration system in order to continue doing business with the Medical Center. The system allows the Medical Center to maintain a repository of contract, financial, legal and product information for vendors and serves as a platform for policy and documentation exchange.

The vendor registration system for the Medical Center is managed by Vendormate, Inc.

There is a nominal annual fee for vendor registration which is per company registration not per representative. The fee ranges from $25 to $250 per year, and the fee is determined based on the vendor's risk profile. This fee is paid to Vendormate, Inc. and is used to purchase third-party data, perform screening and credentialing, store compliance information and documentation, and communicate with vendors throughout the year.

UMass Memorial expects every sales representative who interacts with the Medical Center to register and provide his/her representative data.

Effective July 1, 2008, access will be denied to UMass Memorial Medical Center to any representative who has not registered or does not have documentation of a negative TB test loaded into the vendor access program.