Planned Giving

Create a personal legacy while making a difference at UMass Memorial.

There are ways to make an important gift commitment without letting go of your assets today. One of these planned gift options might be the right fit for your personal planning.


Beneficiary designations

A simple and meaningful way to make an impact is to name UMass Memorial as a beneficiary of a retirement account, life insurance policy, or brokerage or bank account. You retain control of your assets and you may change your designations if needed.


Charitable remainder trusts

Yet another gift offering a lifelong income stream and significant tax benefits, charitable remainder trusts can be arranged for gifts of $100,000 or more.


Charitable gift annuities

A charitable gift annuity offers you a way to support UMass Memorial and lock in a fixed, high rate of return in place of the low rates CDs and money market accounts are paying. You can diversify your income with minimal capital gains taxes. Rates are based on age, and range from 5.7 percent for age 60 (the minimum age) to 11.3 percent for ages 90 and above.


A gift in your will: flexible and personal

When you include UMass Memorial in your will, you incur no current out-of-pocket cost and you retain full use of your assets during your lifetime. Equally important, you have the flxibility during your lifetime to make changes in your gift provisions.


Real estate

You may transfer commercial property, a residence or other real estate holdings to UMass Memorial.


Deferred gift annuities

This can be an attractive option for donors as young as age 50 who may wish to supplement future income. Payments begin at a future date and you receive: a fixed income for life; a partial income tax deduction in the year the gift is made; and an opportunity to defer capital gains tax.


IRA charitable rollover

There's good news for IRA owners age 70 1/2 or older. Legistlation passed in 2015 extended the IRA Charitable Rollover - a way to make a tax-free qualified charitable distribution directly from your IRA to us that counts toward your minimum required distribution (MRD). A gift up to $100,000 qualifies for this favorable tax treatment.


Publicly traded securities

Gifts of publicly-traded securities to UMass Memorial can be used to support a cause or program you care about while offering significant tax benefits to you as the donor. Contributions of appreciated securities held for more than one year can bypass capital gains taxes and qualify for a charitable income tax deduction equal to the value of the securities on the date they are gifted to UMass Memorial. In some circumstances, donors can save substantially more in taxes by giving securities as opposed to cash.


Closely held securities

Gifts of closely-held securities to UMass Memorial may also allow the donor to bypass capital gains taxes and qualify for a charitable income tax deduction. Special regulations apply to charitable contributions of closely-held securities, and we encourage donors to consult with their tax advisors and the Office of Philanthropy when considering a gift of this kind.


Questions about how a gift of securities will benefit you and UMass Memorial? Would you like to donate mutual funds or transfer physical stock certificates?

Please contact or call 774-443-GIVE(4483).


We are very grateful to those donors who support UMass Memorial through a bequest, life income gift, retirement plan (IRA, 401(k), 403(b)), life insurance policy, real estate gift and other estate intentions. Therefore, we are pleased to recognize them as members of our Heritage Society.


Share your plans with us!

If you've included UMass Memorial Health Care in your estate and/or financial plans, or intend to, please let us know by contacting:

Susan Mouradian: