Prescription Center Specialty Medications

The Prescription Center Pharmacy is dedicated to support your specialty medication needs. Many complex conditions are treated with chronic specialty medications including:

Typically specialty medications are administered through injection either by you or a health care professional; they often require special handling.

Part of your care team

The care does not stop when you leave your physician’s office. Our Prescription Center Pharmacy is part of your health care team working with your physician to meet your individual needs. Our pharmacists can interact with your doctor to ensure you are realizing the full benefit of your medication.


Visiting your physician at UMass Memorial Medical Center? It’s easy to stop by one of our convenient locations on the University or Hahnemann Campus to pick up your prescription before you head home.

Or ask your physician about having your specialty medications delivered at your point-of-care. Many cancer patients enjoy the convenience of having their prescriptions delivered while they are having infusions performed in the Ambulatory Care Center on the University Campus.


We send your medications directly to you wherever it is most convenient – home or work. And, as specialty medications may require special handling, we provide appropriate shipment containers to ensure your medications arrive as they should. Plus, shipments in the United States are sent free of charge.