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COVID-19 Nurse Triage Resources

The COVID-19 Nurse Triage Center, set-up in mid-March to assist with testing results and answering patient questions, closes Friday, July 31.

Going forward, ambulatory clinics, emergency departments and provider offices will resume the role of delivering COVID-19 test results and providing patient education information. Patients with positive test results should be called. If the patient has a negative result, offices should follow their standard work.

The triage team ensured patients received their test results, whether positive or negative, and COVID-19 education. Because clinical information changed so quickly, the team closely aligned with infection control experts to deliver up-to-date information. Additionally, the team developed tools in conjunction with the Epic team on job aids.

Resources to Download

COVID-19 patient letters (negative results, positive results, positive return to work, negative return to work, testing guidelines)







myChart job aid 

myChart proxy access 

Saliva testing guidelines 

Quarantine grid (testing and isolation guidelines) 

Nurse triage template

Testing tent hours/locations