Pancreatic Cancer

You can be confident in the pancreatic cancer care at UMass Memorial. Treatment centers that care for a large number of patients with pancreatic cancer have been proven to have better patient outcomes.

The goal of our Pancreas Program is to improve pancreatic cancer treatment in the Northeast by combining advanced therapies with research and clinical trials, resulting in quality care and successful results.

Not Just a Team – A Small Army

The diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer often require the skills of many specialists. We bring together these specialists in a single setting (called multidisciplinary care). Here they discuss care for each patient and develop a thorough treatment program as a team. This provides you the best treatment plan possible.

High-risk Pancreas Clinic

Patients with a personal or family history (at least one affected family member) or one of the genetic syndromes known to be associated with pancreatic cancer may benefit from screening. Our High-risk Pancreas Clinic offers risk assessment, screening, genetic counseling and monitoring for those at moderate- or high-risk for pancreatic cancer.

Research and Clinical Trials

Working with UMass Chan Medical School, the Cancer Center serves as a forum for education and research. Extensive cancer research and clinical trials are conducted so you benefit from the latest diagnostic and treatment options that come from this research. Our pancreas program leaders are launching an innovative research program

Pancreatic Cancer Services:

Free Pancreatic Cancer Program - November 13

Join a panel of our physicians and scientists from the pancreatic cancer team for a free education program with patients and families.
7:45 - 11 am
online or call 855-862-7763.

Learn more.

Learn More about Pancreatic Cancer

Often patients and their families are interested in learning more about the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Many people find it empowering to be more informed. Learn more.

The Surgical Outcomes Analysis and Research (SOAR) program at UMass Chan Medical School focuses on surgical advancements and recovery for our pancreatic cancer patients.

Our team has strong ties with the Pancreatic Cancer Alliance, a group of patients and families affected by pancreatic cancer that supports others in their fight against the disease.


A call or click away:

HOPE line – 866-597 HOPE (4673)

Talk to a patient care coordinator with cancer experience.

Available Mondays through Fridays, 8 am – 4:30 pm.

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