Partnership with Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital

Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital is a joint venture between UMass Memorial Health Care and Encompass Health. It has received a joint commission accreditation gold seal of approval for Parkinson's disease rehabilitation. We work closely with physical, occupational and speech therapists at Fairlawn to provide a comprehensive care plan for our Parkinson's disease patients.

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Local Wellness Resources

There is a wide range of complementary therapies and activities that may be helpful for patients with movement disorders.

For Parkinson’s disease, we work closely with local rehabilitation specialists trained to provide BIG and LOUD/LSVT therapies. These are specialized, evidence-based exercise and speech therapies designed to help people with PD move and speak as effectively as possible.

There also is research to suggest that tai chi, dance, yoga and boxing may be helpful for improving movement in Parkinson’s disease, and we can provide links to community-based programs offering these activities.

Mindfulness training may be helpful for people with a range of conditions including movement disorders. UMass Medical School Center for Mindfulness is one of the world’s leading mindfulness programs.

Online Resources:

We recommend the following websites as reliable and accurate sources of information about movement disorders:

Parkinson’s disease:

National Parkinson Foundation []

American Parkinson Disease Association (]

Michael J. Fox Foundation []

Huntington’s disease

Huntington’s Disease Society of America []

Progressive supranuclear palsy

CurePSP Foundation []


Dystonia Medical Research Foundation []

Essential tremor

International Essential Tremor Foundation []


National Ataxia Foundation []



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