Patient Stories: Obstetrics

"My doctor and the nurses were wonderful. Many of the staff members are mothers, too, and I appreciate the knowledge they were willing to share with me. The entire UMass Memorial staff was very professional and gave 100 percent to every patient."
Sheleana G.

"I had both of my babies at UMass Memorial and the obstetrics care I received from my doctor was phenomenal. The nurses were caring and responsive and made me feel very comfortable during my stay at the Maternity Center."
Elena P.

"My doctor has been with me for three deliveries and has taken the time to get to know me and my family. I trust the judgment and knowledge of the UMass Memorial staff and would not go anywhere else for my care."
Scyndy S.

"I have been a UMass Memorial patient for almost 10 years. I was willing to drive 45 minutes into Worcester for all of my appointments and the birth of my son because I knew that I would be getting exceptional care."
Allie V.