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In our commitment as one of the Founding Partners and the team’s exclusive health care provider, UMass Memorial Health is proud to be teaming up with the Worcester Red Sox to improve the health and well-being of our neighbors and patients, both little and big, in Central Massachusetts.

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We need you on our team!

Even more than the latest technology, it is the people, like our caregivers – with their specialized approach to this group of young patients – who make the greatest difference in experiences and outcomes. 

And it’s people like you who help ensure that we have the best pediatric care close to home.

Will you step up to the plate and take your best swing for the children of our community?

We are honored to be here for children and their families. Thank you for being there for UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center. 

“In our commitment as one of the Founding Partners and the WooSox’ exclusive health care provider, we are teaming up to improve the health and well-being of our community, especially the children. We are two hometown heroes putting on our uniforms to relentlessly create a healthy and vibrant community in Central Massachusetts where we live, work and play ball.”

Eric Dickson, MD
President and CEO, UMass Memorial Health

“We have enjoyed our relationship with Eric Dickson since Day One in Worcester, and we look forward to using the beauty of baseball and the commitment of our city’s magnificent health personnel to make a real impact on our community, especially the children.”

Charles Steinberg, MD
WooSox President