What Does It Mean to be Relentless?

To redefine what is possible by constantly pushing for answers? To seek cures where there have been none before? Today, to someone in need, it’s going to mean everything.

Our Role In The Community

UMass Memorial Health was created to be many things, to serve many needs. At the core of our mission has been the charge to provide Central Massachusetts with outstanding medical care and to make that care available to all, regardless of ability to pay. But, as invaluable as this anchor mission is, the role we play in the community is much greater. We are a major driver of the economic health of our community through the jobs we provide and the local businesses we support. We are committed to ensuring opportunity, equality, inclusion and access to basic human needs like food, housing, education and other social determinants of health.

This is our purpose, our reason for being—made possible by the people of UMass Memorial Health and their relentless pursuit of healing in all its forms.



We partner with the Worcester Public Schools to bring smiles to children's faces. 


We partner with the Regional Environmental Council to promote urban agriculture. 


We work with our local partners to address the triggers of pediatric asthma. 

UMass Memorial Health is the health and wellness partner of the people of Central Massachusetts.

Through pain and pandemics, our commitment to our communities never wanes. We use knowledge and innovation to create breakthrough medicine. To create jobs. To make life better for those we serve. We are leaders in the training of physicians and those who work in every facet of health care. We make outstanding care accessible for all, regardless of ability to pay. We stand for quality, compassion, dignity, opportunity and fairness. And we are relentless in our pursuit of healing.

The relentless pursuit of healing.

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