In addition to the care you need that is specific to your condition, the services offered through our Hospital at Home program are the same you would find at the hospital, and include:

UMass Memorial Medical Center nurses will deliver medications and in-home care twice a day using state-of-the-art digital devices

Doctors will visit with patients via telemedicine at least once a day

Remote vital signs will be monitored in our command unit

Providers will be on call and can send paramedics/EMS in cases of emergency

Food, supplies, therapy, social work and care coordination will also be coordinated and delivered in the home

Medications (oral and intravenous, when needed)

Respiratory care including oxygen

Diagnostic testing (labs, radiology)

Transportation for testing, if needed

What You Can Expect

While admitted to the Hospital at Home program you will be connected with your care team round-the-clock through the use of devices that will allow for vital sign monitoring and telemedicine visits.

Before you are discharged from the Hospital at Home, your care team will work with you to determine and coordinate what, if any, further services you may need.

Hospital at Home services will be provided to you in the language you prefer to receive your health care and information through interpreter services at no cost to you.

Your Care Team

Your Medical Doctor or Advanced Practice Provider

This medical provider will oversee your care and check in with you daily, either in-person or virtually.

Your Nurse

A registered nurse will visit you in your home at least twice a day.

Your Paramedics

A specially trained paramedic may visit you during your Hospital at Home stay, depending on your care plan.

Rehabilitation Therapists

Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists will be scheduled as needed based on the treatment that you require.


UMass Memorial Medical Center will bill your health insurance provider for your Hospital at Home stay. You may be responsible for co-pays and other costs determined by your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of conditions are typically appropriate for Hospital at Home?

Hospital at Home is generally appropriate for conditions with low rates of complications. This includes conditions such as: certain skin infections; urinary tract infections; COVID-19, influenza; congestive heart failure exacerbation; acute kidney injuries and more. Your doctors and nurses will review your medical chart and speak with you and your family to determine whether hospital at home program is appropriate for you.

Will I get the same level of care that I would in the hospital as an inpatient?

Yes. With the Hospital at Home program, you will receive the same level of care that you would as in inpatient in the hospital, including receiving care from the same doctors that you would see in the hospital. We are leveraging the latest in telehealth technology to bring our clinical expertise to your home.

If the Hospital at Home program is offered to me, do I have to participate?

As with any treatment, you can choose not to participate in Hospital at Home, and instead receive care at the hospital.

Is Hospital at Home safe?

The Hospital at Home program is safe and effective. Before being admitted to the program, we carefully evaluate each patient’s medical condition and living condition to ensure that it will be the best option for care. Only particular medical conditions with low rates of complications are considered. Additionally, with our ability to remotely monitor your vital signs around-the-clock and to deploy care to your location rapidly, you can feel confident that your safety is our first priority.

What if my condition gets worse at home? How will the Hospital at Home providers know?

A key part of our Hospital at Home program is the device kit that each patient receives that will measure and transmit vital sign information to your provider team, who will monitor patient data closely.  This device kit tracks heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse oximetry and temperature. This monitoring occurs around the clock. Your care team will respond to vital sign measurements in real time to assess your needs, conduct a telehealth visit, and send assistance to your home if needed. If necessary, we can bring you to an inpatient unit at one of our UMass Memorial Medical Center campuses.

How can I benefit from the Hospital at Home program?

Studies show that Hospital at Home programs are safe and effective and offer patients more satisfaction and improved medical outcomes compared to hospital stays. There are times when a hospital is the most appropriate place to receive care, but there are other times where a patient’s own home is the setting that can help them heal most effectively. In the home, patients can get better sleep and experience fewer disruptions – which can help with the healing process.

How does the Hospital at Home program benefit UMass Memorial Medical Center?

UMass Memorial Medical Center, like many other academic medical centers and hospitals that serve the community, often has more people seeking care than the number of hospital beds we can provide. This leads to patients waiting – sometimes for long periods – in the emergency room, which is not a location intended for inpatient care. By offering the same level of inpatient care to patients in the comfort of their own home, we hope to alleviate some of the strain on our emergency departments, leaving them better equipped to handle emergencies.

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