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Our Value Proposition

UMass Memorial Medical Group works synergistically with UMass Memorial Health and UMass Chan Medical School to create an environment of collaboration, continuous learning, improvement, innovation, and inclusivity, as we deliver the best health care for our diverse patient population, teach the physicians of tomorrow, develop and nurture our caregivers, and promote scholarly pursuits for the betterment of our shared missions.

This statement was intentionally and thoughtfully crafted to highlight the multifaceted priorities of our Medical Group and encapsulate the spirit of our dynamic and progressive culture.

Synergism: Many of our physicians are both clinicians of UMass Memorial Health and faculty of UMass Chan Medical School. As such, we serve as the bridge between both institutions, working collaboratively as physicians and researchers from different specialties and areas of expertise. We are all focused on a common goal of improving the health of the people of Central Massachusetts and beyond through research, academics and excellence in clinical care.

Environment: We have created an environment within our Medical Group where physicians want to work and can flourish. Each one of us contributes to shaping a culture that promotes kindness, respect, tolerance, partnerships and inclusivity.

Innovation: As a Lean organization, UMass Memorial Health is committed to constant innovation. Our virtual idea board platform, Innovation Station, encourages the continuous examination of processes to identify opportunities for improvement and challenges our caregivers to think outside of the box to solve for issues.

Continuous Learning: All of us are continuously learning, therefore we prioritize physician professional development to invest in the growth of our doctors. We offer numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth, including the Prize for Academic Collaboration and Excellence (the PACE Prize), the Physician Leadership Development Program (PLDP), the Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP), Quality Scholars, the Faculty Quality Collaborative, and so many more! Our physicians are on the forefront of science to not only provide the best care to our patients but to be part of the discovery and the development of the treatments of the future.

Diversity and Inclusivity: We are committed to fostering and embracing a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Creating a diverse environment of professors and clinicians who offer unique insights and perspectives as we teach the next generation of physicians is critical to our mission. We are engaged in multiple initiatives with UMass Chan Medical School and with UMass Memorial Health to expand the diversity within our Medical Group in the spirit of inclusivity.