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Providing Inclusive, Affirming Primary Care

LGBTQIA+ people may be at a greater risk for health problems because they may not always see a health care provider when needed. Some tell us that they have had a bad experience, fear judgment or have a uniformed health care provider.

Our primary care providers will collaborate with you to build a long-lasting partnership. Our goal is to ensure you feel safe, respected and affirmed.

We can serve as your advocates in navigating the health care system at every age and stage of your life.  It’s important that everyone obtain routine health screenings based on their personal anatomy, such as pelvic, prostate and breast exams/mammograms. We help ensure your preventive health care needs are met, and that you have access to services for illnesses, injuries and any other care you may require. Not getting preventive screenings could delay the diagnosis and treatment of a condition for which early detection is critical.

UMass Memorial internal medicine, family medicine, adolescent/young adult medicine and pediatric caregivers are experienced in providing age-appropriate support and care, including:

  • Necessary preventive health screenings and risk assessments
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Behavioral health screenings and referrals

In addition, we can refer you to specialists experienced with gender-affirming procedures and services.

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