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Offering Gender-Affirming Specialty Care

UMass Memorial Health is dedicated to providing a wide range of specialty services tailored to the unique needs of LGBTQIA+ individuals. Our providers support and care for those undergoing gender affirmation, ensuring you feel respected throughout your health care journey. 

Adolescent/Young Adult Medicine

During the critical stage of adolescence where rapid development and exploration occur, our specialists offer vital affirming care. Early support is essential for overall health and well-being, building confidence, navigating social interactions, and accessing medically necessary care. UMass Memorial providers understand the unique challenges faced by transgender and nonbinary adolescents, offering medical care, health education, and support that is specific to each individual. Learn more about our Youth Gender Services.

Behavioral Health

Our experienced professionals provide essential mental health support for LGBTQIA+ individuals exploring gender identity and sexuality. We understand the challenges of coming out and the potential for rejection or discrimination. Whether dealing with depression, anxiety, substance use, or other behavioral health issues, our team can support and guide you toward a healthy and fulfilling life.


For transgender patients seeking skin health and cosmetic solutions, our dermatologists offer expertise in addressing unwanted hair, hair loss and skin changes related to hormone use. Our gender-affirming procedures, including laser hair removal, hair growth treatments, and skin resurfacing, aim to help create a physical appearance that aligns with your gender identity.

Otolaryngology/Ear, Nose and Throat

Our otolaryngologists provide medical and surgical services to achieve desired gender identity. Procedures like Wendler glottoplasty, Adam's apple reduction, and gender-affirming vocal modification/voice therapy are managed by skilled specialists to help individuals express their true selves.

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Our endocrinology team collaborates with primary care doctors to provide gender-affirming hormone therapy. We work closely with you to find the appropriate hormone therapy. Additionally, our team can assist with other general endocrine health needs, including thyroid, weight management and adrenal disorders.

Infectious Disease

Our providers offer expertise in preventing and managing various sexually transmitted infections. We guide you through options like pre-exposure prophylaxis to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV infection. Our specialists also have experience caring for pregnant individuals with HIV in partnership with Ob/Gyn providers.


Our Ob/Gyn providers offer routine health screenings, pregnancy prevention, family building and pregnancy care. We provide gender-affirming surgical procedures, including hysterectomy and oophorectomy.

Reproductive Endocrinology and Fertility

If you're interested in family building and fertility preservation, our reproductive endocrinology specialists understand the impact of gender-affirming treatments on reproductive potential. We offer comprehensive fertility services at our IVF (in vitro fertilization) Center and help you explore your options.

Speech Therapy

UMass Memorial offers gender-affirming speech therapy services. We help train your voice to further support your identity. We focus on resonance, cadence/rhythm of speech, language and nonverbal expression. 


While not every individual pursues surgery for gender affirmation, our team is here to support those who choose this path. Our plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists, urologists, obstetricians and gynecologists perform various procedures to align physical appearance with gender identity.

Looking for LGBTQIA+ Care?

If you're seeking LGBTQIA+ care, we're here to assist you in living your healthiest life. 

  • Call 855-UMASS-MD (855-862-7763) to connect with a knowledgeable provider.
  • Use Find a Doctor to search for providers who welcome and have experience working with LGBTQIA+ patients. We continually update our list with more providers who share our commitment to inclusive care.
  • For speech therapy services, contact Nadine Thompson Smith, MS, CCC-SLP, at 508-486-5900.

*  Please note that referrals are needed for many of these specialty services.