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FAQ: myChart

What is myChart? 

myChart is an easy-to-use secure website that gives you access to your health information. With myChart, you can view your medications, test results, health summary and immunizations, as well as access other services such as requesting prescription renewals and communicating with your care team.

Is there a fee to use myChart? 

No. myChart is a free service offered by UMass Memorial Health (UMMH) to patients, as well as their designated myChart proxy whom they wish to share their information with.

What do I need to use myChart? 

You will need access to the Internet, via either a computer, laptop or a mobile device like a Health or smartphone, as well as an up-to-date browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser for use with myChart. You will also need to create a secure username and password and provide an email address for receiving notifications.

Who else can see my myChart information? 

No one else can access your myChart account. However, your provider and care team can see your health information through the electronic medical record maintained at the clinic and/or hospital so that they can care for you. Other people will not be able to see your myChart information unless you give them permission via myChart Proxy access or via Share my Record on the My Record submenu of Your Menu.

Is my information in myChart secure? 

Yes. myChart is secure, which means your information is safe and protected. We follow strict federal and state confidentiality laws and have the highest security measures in place to protect the privacy of your information. Access to information is controlled with usernames and passwords. Unlike conventional email, all myChart messaging is done while you are securely signed into the myChart website. We utilize two-factor authentication when using the forgot password function. As an opt-in feature, we also offer two-factor authentication for all access to myChart.

Is myChart offered at all UMass Memorial Health locations? 

Yes. All UMass Memorial hospitals and clinics offer myChart. With one myChart account, you can view information from any UMass Memorial location in one record/location.

Who can sign up for myChart? 

You must be a UMass Memorial Health patient and at least 16 years old to sign up for a myChart account. This does not mean your primary care provider has to be a UMass Physician. You can benefit from using myChart if you have your Laboratory or Radiology testing done at a UMass Memorial Health site.

If you are not currently a UMMH patient but you have a loved one who is, you can call 855-UMASS-MD (855-862-7763) to request registration and an activation email. This is a prerequisite for becoming a myChart Proxy.

How do I sign up for myChart? 

If you have a smartphone, upon check-in to your provider appointment you should receive an Instant Activation email. Upon receipt, you can create your username and password all while sitting in the waiting room. You can then download the mobile application and begin reaping the benefits of direct access to your electronic medical record. (see instructions to download later in this document). If you did NOT receive the email, please ask the office staff to send you the activation email post confirmation of your email address.

You will also receive this activation email after scheduling an appointment, again provided you have a valid email address on file.

When scheduling an appointment, if you are not asked for your email address please ask the registration person to update your email address and send you an activation email, from which you can signup.

There is a 14-day expiration on this activation invite.


You can contact 855-UMASS-MD and they can send you an activation email, after confirming your identity.


You can also go directly to the myChart website at to sign up. We use a secure, 3rd party identification tool for self-signup. You must answer unique identifying questions about yourself, as well as match the name, date of birth and other fields that we have on record for you.

I have an activation email from my provider’s office, but it’s not working? 

For your security, activations are only valid for 14 days. You can sign up at your next provider’s office visit or contact your provider’s office and ask them to send you a new activation email. You can also call 855-UMASS-MD (855-862- 7763) to request a new activation email.

Can my spouse and I share one myChart account? 

No. Due to the sensitive nature of the information, each adult must establish their own myChart account with a unique username, password, and email address. If your spouse allows, you can obtain myChart Proxy access to his/her account from your myChart account. This is done by your spouse’s provider’s office. You can even INVITE your spouse to have access to your myChart account, provided they have their own myChart account. See Proxy section.

Can I share an email address with a family member (for myChart account)? 

Although this is technically possible, we do NOT recommend using the same email address. Due to the sensitive nature of the information and potential confusion with email notifications, each adult should establish their own myChart account with a unique user name, password, and email address.

Can I send a message to my provider through myChart? 

Yes. Messages will be sent to clinical support staff at your provider’s office who will answer your question or share with/send to your provider for response. Available providers are those listed on your care team with whom you have had an appointment in the last 3 years. Your provider is always available to message to, provided s/he is a UMMH provider. Please limit message content to ONE Subject per message so that staff can best triage and respond. You can send multiple messages if you have multiple questions or concerns.

You should expect a response within 2 business days – if that is not acceptable, then please call your provider’s office instead of sending a message.

NOTE: myChart should NOT be used for emergency situations. Please call 911 if you have an emergency.

Can I attach a picture to a message to my provider through myChart? 

Yes. When sending a message to your provider’s office, you can attach an image. This image WILL be added to your electronic medical record, so it should only be related to the clinical question that you are asking. There is a maximum size of 5 MB, and a maximum of 3 images - so there are limitations.

I’m not receiving myChart notifications in my personal email – why not? 

First, check your email address in Personal Information – we know patients sometimes change their email addresses. It could also be that your email provider is filtering them to a spam filter – please check that folder. If you use the mobile application on your phone, you can have it send PUSH notifications which may work better for your means of notification than the emails.

Can I print information from myChart? 

Yes. You can print information in an easy-to-read format by selecting the printer icon from the web application. Printing is not available from the mobile application, nor can you take a screenshot from the mobile application.

The print icon is located at the top right-hand corner of the pages that contain health information. This makes it easy to share health information with a non-UMass Memorial provider, an employer or school. You can also download the information by selecting the Download My Record option in the Document Center activity in the My Record submenu of Your Menu.

What if I see something (result, appointment, medication) in myChart that I don’t believe is mine? 

myChart is a window into your UMMH chart/record – it is not a separate location of data. If you have questions or concerns about the information in your myChart account, please contact your provider. Only your provider can authorize changes to your medical information.

You can also send a Non-Medical Question message and select Patient Chart Correction Request from the Regarding field.

When can I see my test results in myChart? 

In general, your test results are released to your myChart account within 4 hrs. of the result being finalized. This may mean that you see a result before your provider has had a chance to contact you. This means that you may see results even before your healthcare provider has seen them. Some test results may be hard to understand. Other results may show a serious disease, like cancer. Most patients look up their results immediately. Others may prefer to wait until their provider’s office contacts them. If you have not heard within a few days, or if you cannot wait, you may want to contact your provider’s office before viewing the results on your own.

If your result displays outside of the normal range, this does not necessarily mean your result is clinically significant. Your provider will be in contact with you as soon as possible if there is concern.

Will I be able to see all of my test results in myChart? 

Yes. Although, your provider may delay some test results for if he/she would like to speak with you first.

Will I be able to see the notes the provider wrote from my last visit? 

Yes, for the most part. We are not currently sharing notes from Behavioral Health visits and are not sharing for all providers yet. Full note sharing will be available in April 2021.

Can I schedule an appointment using myChart? 

Yes. We have turned on the ability to schedule an appointment for selected providers/practices. We have approx. 300+ providers and continue to add more. If your provider has been added to online scheduling, you can book an appointment with your primary care provider or any provider with whom you’ve had an appointment in the last 3 years. You will NOT be able to book with a provider that is new to you. To Schedule an appointment with a new provider, visit and select either FIND A DOCTOR, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT or BOOK NOW. You can also get on a wait list for an earlier appointment by selecting that option at the end of booking or at a later time by accessing your appointment details under Appointments.

We also have ZOOM Video Visits. You can not schedule these yourself at this time but may be able to in the future.

Can I cancel an appointment using myChart? 

Yes. You can cancel or reschedule most appointments using myChart up to the time of your appointment. You can also view future and past appointments. In some cases, you may see a message indicating that your department/clinic also requires a call to cancel the appointment. If you cannot see the option to cancel, that is because the department requested that cancellations be done by calling them.

Can I have a Video Visit with my provider if I don’t want to have to come into the office? 

Yes. Whether your situation allows for a Video Visit will be decided by your provider. But starting July 13, 2020 we have ZOOM as our Video Visit platform. Although similar in functionality, this is not the same version of ZOOM that you might be using with your family and friends. UMass Memorial uses a special Healthcare version with privacy protection. Also beneficial is that it’s used with myChart, you can begin your video visit from your appointment in your myChart account. You can also participate in video visits if you are a myChart proxy for your loved one. Simply navigate to their myChart from yours and begin video from the appointment details.

NOTE: to conduct a Video Visit, you must complete the PreCheck-in step in myChart. This can be done up to 3 days in advance.

I don’t see the PreCheck-In button on my upcoming appointment? 

We do not allow PreCheck-In until 3 days prior to the appointment. This is because we want to assure that the information you update is current. We also want your clinical updates to be reviewed with/by the provider whom you are seeing in the next week (at the appointment).

I see a To Do item for something that it says I am overdue for. What am I supposed to do with these? 

see a To Do item for something that it says I am overdue for. What am I supposed to do with these? A. We have started providing reminders for health and wellness recurring checks (procedures or tests). If you select the [Request This] button to the right, you can send a message to your PCP to coordinate getting it done/scheduled. If your PCP is not a UMMH provider, we are working to suppress these as your PCP, not a specialist, coordinates these efforts.

Where can I update my personal information (e.g., contact info, race, ethnicity, preferred language)?

You can update your information by signing into myChart. Select Personal Information from Your Menu. There are multiple sections which can be edited to allow modifications which will then update your UMMH chart.

Can I add clinical information/history to my myChart record? 

Yes. During an appointment PreCheck-In, you can update information such as your address, billing information, medication, current health issues, and allergies. However, this information is reviewed by a UMass Memorial Health staff member who does the actual update. This update may not be visible to you in myChart as it will be reviewed with you by your provider at your next visit. If you want to add information about your health care that took place someplace other than UMass Memorial Health, you can setup a Personal Health Record in myChart. This feature allows you to keep your own permanent record of your healthcare. From within your myChart record, select the Personal Health Record (Lucy) activity on Your Menu.

Can I add my own picture or pictures of my family members on the proxy profile pics? 

Yes, you may already see a picture of yourself taken during one of your/your proxy’s UMass Memorial Health visits. This is used to help our staff identify patients. You can now ADD your own photo which you will see immediately but will not be added to your UMMH chart until your next visit. Upon check-in, staff will review your submitted photo and determine if appropriate. This can be done via the PERSONALIZATION activity – be sure to pay attention to the photograph requirements and Tips for taking a high-quality photograph.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, you may pay your bill (or you child’s bill) online via myChart. Sign on to myChart and select the notification in the center of the page under “You might Want to…”, which alerts you to an outstanding bill OR Select Account Summary from Your Menu and look for the green PAY button.

Be sure to access your own chart and not your child’s when you are a proxy wanting to pay their bill. Please note if you are not the guarantor, you may not be able to pay your child’s bill from myChart. You may contact the Billing office 508- 334-1840 or 855-UMASS-MD and they can assist with a modification to your child’s chart which will allow you to pay via myChart OR you can use our PAY AS GUEST feature.

The PAY AS GUEST feature allows spouses, family members and others to make online patients on behalf of the loved one without the need for a myChart account. You can find this option on the myChart Log in page or from Your Menu inside of myChart.

You can also authorize Copay payments during the PreCheck-In for upcoming appointments (your credit card will not be charged until you present at the appointment).

Can I attach my insurance card to my account for staff to see? 

Yes, during PreCheck-In for an upcoming appointment you can attach a copy of your insurance card.

  1. If you have the mobile app for your health insurance which provides electronic versions of your insurance card you can now upload that to your myChart account in preparation for your upcoming appointment insurance.
  2. If you don’t use the mobile app, you can scan your insurance card and attach it to your account using the web application as well. Either way, you can save yourself time for an upcoming appointment by providing UMMH with an electronic version of your insurance information.

Can I be texted with reminders instead of getting emails? 

No, the texting feature is currently not available (but we are planning to offer this later in 2021). We do provide PUSH notifications if you use the mobile application. This feature is enabled from the UMMH myChart. If you do NOT want push notifications from myChart, disable them via Settings on your personal phone.

I forgot my myChart password. What should I do? 

elect the "Forgot Password" link on the UMass Memorial Healthcare myChart sign in page to reset your password online. You will be asked to provide your username and Date of Birth. You will then receive an email or text with a code that you can then enter and will be prompted to create a new password.

You can also contact our myChart Support Line at 855-UMASS-MD (855-862-7763) for assistance.

I was signed out of myChart, what happened? 

Protecting the privacy and security of your information is very important to us. You will automatically be signed out of myChart if your activity remains idle for 15 minutes or more (activity is typically considered keystrokes on a keyboard or any navigation on a mobile device). We recommend that you sign out of your myChart session if you need to leave your computer/mobile device for even a short period of time.

I can no longer see my child’s health information in myChart? 

myChart access changes for the parent (proxy) accessing their child’s information as the child gets older. When a child turns age 13, the level of access for what the parent can see is reduced.

When the child turns 18, the parent (proxy) will no longer have access to the child’s myChart account. If the adult child (older than age 18) would like the parent to have access, they can grant them access from their own myChart account in the Share my Record activity.

Can I get access to another person’s information via myChart? 

Yes. This is called myChart Proxy access and allows a parent, legal guardian, or other adult to sign into their personal myChart account to view information regarding their family member or other requested patient.

The designee must create a myChart account to view the patient’s record. What information can be seen depends upon the age of the patient and the level of access you have been granted. If you have any questions about what you can/cannot see, speak to a member of your care team at your provider’s office.

To request access, complete the appropriate Authorization to Access a myChart Record form available at and return it to the patient’s provider’s office. There is an Adult to Adult and an Adult to Child form, depending on the access needed.

The form may also be completed while at the provider’s office. Proxy Guidelines, as well as the TWO Forms; Adult-Adult and Adult-Child can be found at The patient can complete the form (including signature) and bring it to their next visit with their provider (or drop off at their provider’s office). They can also get the form from their provider’s office or if you are a child’s legal guardian, the office can simply add you during your child’s next visit.

If the proxy requesting is not currently a UMMH patient, then the proxy must call 855-UMASS-MD (855-862-7763) first to get ‘registered’. The agent at 855 will also send the proxy an activation email which requires only 3 steps to complete. Once the proxy has setup their myChart account, then the patient’s provider’s staff can complete the proxy setup.

A patient WITH a myChart account can also now INVITE another family member that also has a myChart account to have proxy access. This is done via the Share My Record activity.

I have a myChart account from another hospital, can I link the accounts in any way? 

Yes, Visits Summaries from other organizations may appear in VISIT SUMMARY alongside your UMMH visits. You will be prompted with a new linking screen when signing into myChart. This will display other organizations where you have been and to which UMMH has created a link. You can also find this via the Share My Record Activity under the My Record submenu of Your Menu.

Feel free to speak with your UMMH provider at your next visit to establish links to your visits at other organizations not currently linked. And, you don’t even have to have setup a myChart account at the other organization.

NOTE: Not all Epic organizations are at the same version and might not have all the same features and functionality.

How do I get the myChart mobile application on my phone? 

After setting up your account from a laptop or a computer, you can then download the myChart application from iTunes or Android Play Store.

From iTunes or the Android Play Store, enter MyChart in the search field. Find and select the MyChart entry with the following icon.

The red MyChart logo is shown.

Open the newly loaded MyChart application and read/accept the Epic terms. When prompted to allow the application to access your location, select YES so that you can see all of the Epic Healthcare organizations near you (else you will have to search through all 50 states). Find and select the UMass Memorial Health logo, and you are now ready to sign in and begin using your myChart mobile application.

The UMass Memorial Health logo is shown.

UMMH recommends setting either a fingerprint or code with the mobile application on your phone for ease of access and added security.

I was told that I need to download the ZOOM application, how do I do that? 

From your personal device, you can then download the myChart application from iTunes or Android Play Store. From iTunes or the Android Play Store, enter ZOOM in the search field. Find and select the application with the following icon.

The Zoom Cloud Meetings logo is shown with a star rating.

Once you have downloaded the ZOOM App you do not need to Sign -Up, this will automatically open once you are in myChart starting the Video Visit – it connects behinds the scenes.

After downloading ZOOM, you can test that it works correctly on your device by starting a test ZOOM by navigating to Navigate to

I use Apple Health, does myChart communicate with the application at all? 

Yes, you can have your health record saved locally on your iPhone and available to be shared with providers, family members, etc. using Apple’s Health. This initial setup is done via your Apple Health application. You can see your linked Apple ‘device’ via the Share my Record activity on Your Menu.

Please note that once your personal health data is downloaded to your personal phone, the data can no longer be protected by HIPAA and can be subject to the terms of your service agreement with Apple.

In the future, we will be looking into bringing your Apple Health data (such as Fitbit, Withings, etc.) into your UMMH Epic record.

Who do I contact if I have further questions? 

You can email us at or you can call our myChart Support Line at 855-UMASSMD (855-862-7763), hours are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 8 pm.

Also, you can always speak to your provider or any member of your care team at your provider’s office.

How can I request a printed copy of my health record?

There is a lot information that can be printed and/or downloaded from your myChart record. However, if you would like to request a copy of your formal record, you can request from the Health Information Management department. This activity is found on Your Menu under the My Record submenu. When HIM fulfills the request, you can then download and print or send to another provider.

The myChart mobile application won’t let me in, after I signed up?

After setting up your account, if you are unable to sign on to the mobile application this could be because you selected the wrong organization during the download process. Select the top right for options and select “Manage Providers”. Make sure you select UMass Memorial Health.

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