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Employee Self Reporting Tool

A laptop and mobile phone show the Employee Self-Reporting Tool.

Employee Self Reporting Tool

As of November 29, 2022, due to the declining number of COVID-19 cases among caregivers, UMass Memorial Health employees are no longer required to use the Employee Self-Reporting (ESR) Tool and report their health status every day.

The ESR tool is still available for symptomatic or exposed caregivers who need to be tested for COVID-19. By using the ESR tool to report symptoms, you can receive more expedited testing without having to call Employee Health Services (EHS). Those not wishing to use the ESR tool for this purpose can continue to request testing by calling Employee Health Services using the numbers below.

UMass Memorial Health may require caregivers to resume daily health status reporting using the ESR tool should state or federal health regulators require it, or if we see a sharp increase in COVID-19 infections among caregivers.

Download the Now Mobile App

Check out these videos for instructions on how to install the Now Mobile app to report your health status from your iPhone or Android.