Vision and Mission


The UMass Memorial Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) seeks to foster a culture of care and caring where patients are nurtured in body, mind and spirit.


The Patient and Family Advisory Council seeks to promote safe and comprehensive patient- and family-centered care:

  • The furtherance of compassionate and respectful provider-patient partnerships in care
  • The inclusion of families/friends as defined by the patient
  • The understanding of, respect for, and accommodation of diversity in family life, values, beliefs, customs and practices
  • The encouragement of effective two-way communication
  • The provision of personalized patient and family education available in ways that the patient/family understands
  • The creation of a peaceful and healing environment
  • The engagement of the larger community as partners in facilitating access to care and injury/disease prevention
  • The involvement of patients and families in improving programs and services
  • The consistency of care and caring for every patient, every family, everybody, everywhere

Adopted August 2010