Prescription Center FAQs

Who can use the Prescription Center Pharmacy?

Patients and employees of UMass Memorial Medical Center are eligible to fill prescriptions at both locations of our pharmacy.

However, anyone can use the Prescription Center Pharmacy on the University Campus to fill prescriptions – patients, employees and visitors! This location has a full retail license.

What types of prescriptions can be filled at the Prescription Center Pharmacy?

The Prescription Center Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy providing a complete range of medications from routine prescriptions to specialty medications.

What are specialty medications?

Many complex conditions, including multiple sclerosis, HIV and infertility, are treated with specialty medications. Typically specialty medications are administered through injection either by you or a health care professional; they often require special handling. Learn more about our specialty pharmacy.

How do I start using the Prescription Center Pharmacy?

Starting is easy. If you have a new prescription simply drop it off at the nearest Prescription Center Pharmacy location. Or have your physician fax, electronically send or call in the prescription to your preferred location for pick up. Prescriptions can easily be transferred to the Prescription Center Pharmacy by using the transfer form.

How do I order a refill?

Prescription refills can be ordered by telephone.

What do I do if I can’t find my prescription number?

Call the location of the Prescription Center Pharmacy where you pick up your prescriptions.

  • Prescription Center Pharmacy – University Campus:
  • Prescription Center Pharmacy – Memorial Campus:

When will my prescription be ready?

Check on your refill status by calling the location of the Prescription Center Pharmacy where you placed your order. Re-enter your refill number and an automated message will provide you with an updated status on your order.

Who do I speak to if I have a question about my medication?

A pharmacist is always available to answer any questions about your medications – so please ask! To help you get the most from your medications consider scheduling a personal medication consultation by calling 508-421-1900.

Bring all your current medications including any over-the-counter medicine that you take to this appointment. All your medications will be reviewed to ensure that you are taking the right amount of medicine and that your medications are not interacting with each other. Take advantage of this free service!