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UMass Memorial Medical Center and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Medical Center and Dana Farber Cancer Institute Partnership Logo


UMass Memorial Medical Center is very proud to be a collaborative member of the nationally recognized Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

UMass Memorial Health Cancer Center provides patients with high-quality, personalized, compassionate cancer care close to home. Adult medical oncology care provided at the UMass Memorial Medical Center site is supported by our membership in the Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative. 

What is the affiliation?

UMass Memorial Medical Center is the first academic medical center to become a member of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The collaborative membership provides the following benefits:

  • a formal relationship between oncologists from the two hospitals
  • expedited access to Dana-Farber specialists for adult patients with complex or rare cancers
  • enhanced specialized educational, training and consultation opportunities for Medical Center clinicians
  • Collaborative members of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute must meet the highest standards of care across a wide range of practices and procedures, which are reviewed annually, and new practices and innovations in patient care are shared with member hospitals.

Why was this affiliation put into place?

Cancer treatments are more and more complex. Many hospitals form collaborations to share information and ensure that patients have access to the best and most optimal treatments. This trend is happening throughout the United States, and UMass Memorial Medical Center is proud to be part of the Dana-Farber collaborative. 

Do I now need to travel to Boston?

No, you will continue to receive your care right here in Central Massachusetts. Our Medical Center and our cancer team provide the very best cancer care for the people right here in our community.  If necessary, the Medical Center team can provide fast access to providers at the Dana-Farber. 

How do I learn more?

If a patient or their loved one is need of care, UMass Memorial is the region’s leading cancer care provider in Central Massachusetts. Our team is happy to connect you with one of our compassionate cancer specialists. Call 855-UMASS-MD to learn more.