Christopher Marcus, BA

Christopher Marcus, Instructional Technology Specialist

Christopher Marcus, BA

Instructional Technology Specialist


BA, Sustainable Community Development: Personal Sustainability and Wellness, Prescott College, 2017


Before coming to the Center for Mindfulness, Christopher spent much of his career working as a Wilderness Expedition Leader and Field Instructor. He facilitated outdoor group experiences with a focus on introspection, self-efficacy, and interpersonal communication. Also having a background in tech, he went on to become a Director of IT and an Outdoor Orientation Program Coordinator. Christopher discovered mindfulness when he was studying outdoor leadership, during a training exercise in the forest. He continued to study and practice mindfulness in his work, his personal life, and his education. In college, he studied Farm/Food Systems and Sustainability. In his studies he emphasized mental health and the role it plays in the overall equation of Sustainability. His continued goal of empowering others to improve their wellbeing brought him to the Center for Mindfulness. Here he combines his skillset and passion to support CFM instructors and help people improve the quality of their lives.