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Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Program

UMass Memorial Medical Center is one of only a few hospitals in Massachusetts offering Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). This minimally invasive procedure is available for patients with severe, symptomatic aortic stenosis. With devices approved by the Food and Drug Administration, TAVR provides an option for patients who are at low risk, intermediate risk, high risk or too sick for open heart surgery.

Watch this short video to see TAVR in action.

Our team has pioneered new techniques, locally and internationally, for minimally invasive TAVR. The TAVR Program at UMass Memorial Medical Center boasts excellent outcomes and use of minimally invasive techniques. Our multidisciplinary team carefully evaluates each patient to determine if this minimally invasive procedure is the best approach. This ensures the best possible outcomes – and your peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter which one of our hospitals you choose for your cardiac care. If your doctor recommends TAVR, you have access to our Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Program, located in Worcester, MA.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Aortic Stenosis in Central Massachusetts

Our team carefully evaluates each patient to determine if TAVR is the best treatment approach. 

TAVR is performed in specialized operating rooms. Almost all TAVR procedures are performed without the need for general anesthesia. During the procedure, a small incision is made either in your leg or chest, and a catheter (a hollow tube) is inserted into the artery and guided to the heart. A new heart valve is then positioned inside your diseased valve with guidance from special imaging equipment. The valve is implanted, opening the narrowing and allowing blood to flow easily out of your heart to the rest of your body. The procedure takes between one and two hours. Most patients are able to go home the day after the procedure.

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American College of Cardiology (ACC) Certified

Hospitals that achieve Transcatheter Valve Certification demonstrate patient commitment and expertise in TAVR. During the thorough review process, the ACC evaluates ability to meet care standards, formalized training, process improvement, shared decision-making, and national registry performance. Our Medical Center achieved a 3-star rating for TAVR outcomes in the Society of Thoracic Surgeons–American College of Cardiology Transcatheter Valve Therapy (TVT) Registry, which monitors patient safety and outcomes.