If you need treatment for bursitis or tendonitis, the rheumatology specialists in the Rheumatology Center of UMass Memorial Medical Center are here to help you.  

What are Bursitis and Tendonitis?

A bursa is a small sac that lies between tendons or over a joint and is made of the same type of tissue that line joints. This sac can become inflamed (painful and occasionally swollen) as a result of injury, overuse or infection, which is called bursitis.

There are more than 100 of these sacs in your body, but the most common are located around the shoulder, hip, knee and elbow.

Unlike a bursa, a tendon is the fibrous end of a muscle that inserts into bone. Tendons can become painful (tendonitis) as a result of injury, overuse or infection.  These are sometimes considered to be “sprains” or “strains.” 

Diagnosis and Treatment for Bursitis and Tendonitis

Your UMass Memorial rheumatologist is an expert in diagnosing bursitis and tendonitis.

Your rheumatology care consists of:

  • A careful history and physical examination to determine if you haven bursitis or tendonitis
  • Appropriate imaging studies (X-rays or MRIs), if indicated, to confirm your diagnosis
  • Expert recommendations regarding appropriate treatment, which could include medications or physical therapy
  • Local injections with corticosteroids, if recommended
  • Orthopedic referral, if needed