Living Organ Donation

Today, more than 110,000 adults and children are on the national waiting list for a kidney or liver transplant. Tragically, because there’s such a shortage of donor organs, an average of 18 people die every day while they’re waiting.

Living organ donation—in which you donate one of your kidneys or a portion of your liver—can help change all that, providing a second chance for a healthier, longer life to someone with end-stage kidney or liver disease.

UMass Memorial’s organ transplant program is a pioneer in living-donor organ donation, making this lifesaving procedure easier, safer and more accessible than ever. Importantly, as one of the most experienced donor transplant teams in the Northeast, we have a track record of excellent outcomes—including a 100% living donor survival rate—which we trust gives you the confidence that you’ll be in good hands here.

Plus, we are one of only two transplant centers in the nation to offer laparoscopic living-donor surgery, a minimally invasive approach to organ retrieval that means less pain and scarring, and a faster recovery for donors.

 Become A Living Donor

Learn more about being a living organ donor

We have produced comprehensive handbooks about what’s involved in being a living kidney donor and a living liver donor. You can download a PDF to your computer, or request a hard copy.

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