Cancer Survivorship Program

What is Survivorship?

An individual is considered a cancer survivor from time of diagnosis through the balance of life. There are many types of survivors, including those living with cancer and those free of cancer. Advances in treatment including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy, have helped individuals live well beyond cancer. After receiving these types of treatment, individuals learn to navigate their life experiences and challenges resulting from their cancer diagnosis, which we refer to as survivorship.

The UMass Memorial Survivorship Program is designed to give cancer survivors the tools and resources to aid in navigating life beyond cancer treatment and improve overall quality of life. A survivorship visit is typically performed after completion of treatment or while on maintenance therapy.

What to expect before and during your survivorship visit

  • Prior to your visit, you will be sent (either via MyChart or mail) a questionnaire to complete. This questionnaire allows the team to address and focus on your most important concerns and/or needs.
  • The 40 – 60-minute visit includes management of late and long-term effects, cancer surveillance, preventative screening, coordination of care, and health maintenance. You will also receive a folder with resources specific to your needs as well as a completed Survivorship Treatment Summary or Care Plan, which will outline your entire cancer journey.
  • A copy of the Survivorship Treatment Summary or Care Plan will also be sent to your primary care provider.

Learn more about resources available to support you and your family during your cancer journey.