Time is critical when you are experiencing a stroke. To help save precious time, UMass Memorial Medical Center works with community hospitals in the region to get you treatment faster. The Telestroke Program allows Medical Center neurologists with expertise in stroke care immediate access via videoconferencing at three of our UMass Memorial community hospitals - Harrington, HealthAlliance-Clinton and Marlborough- and our affiliate Day Kimball in Putnam, CT so you can be assessed and start treatment as soon as you enter an emergency room.

Bringing Expertise to the Community

By combining the latest in video, networking and software technology, this telemedicine system enables neurologists with expertise in stroke diagnosis and management at UMass Memorial Medical Center to examine and even talk to you or your family as well as the doctor in real time at the community hospital.

Teamwork Improves Patient Outcomes

Both the emergency room physician at the community hospital and neurologist also can view Computerized tomography (CT) scans together, enabling them to work collaboratively throughout the care process. Once a diagnosis is made, the doctors decide on the most effective treatment plan hoping to lessen the symptoms and outcomes of the stroke, quickly.