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TeamBirth: Your Personalized Birth Plan

TeamBirth is a clinically proven program that brings patient-centered care to the forefront for UMass Memorial labor and delivery patients. TeamBirth brings together expectant parents, the doctor, nurse and all other caregivers to discuss a labor and delivery plan that is personalized for every patient, including cultural and personal values. The result? Stronger care delivery processes, better patient and baby safety outcomes, and improved patient experience for our expectant mothers, other birthing persons, and their families.

Graphic depicting the 3 aspects of the TeamBirth experience, in the shape of a triangle: Personal Preferences (Your body, your birth), Your Care Team (Collaborating with you and your birthing support team every step of the way), and Huddles (Keep everyone up-to-date on labor progress and next steps)

TeamBirth PDF

Create Your Personal Labor and Delivery Care Plan​

At the core of this program are the patient’s personal preferences, strong communication between the patient and entire care team, and shared decision-making:

  • We take time to get to know each patient and birthing partner/support team and discuss your birth preferences. This includes understanding your cultural or personal values that may play into the birthing process, plans for addressing discomfort or pain, and preferences on breastfeeding, and more. 
  • Communication between the birthing person, the family, and the care team will include a birthing plan, storyboarding, and birth plan “huddles” throughout labor process.
  • We talk through decision-making tools aimed at appropriate admission timing and reducing unnecessary interventions.

Use our discussion guides for topics that will be important to discuss during labor or assisted delivery, and to get the most out of post-natal support.

UMass Memorial Leads Efforts to Improve Delivery Processes

TeamBirth represents a partnership between UMass Memorial Health, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Ariadne Labs (a center for health innovation). With the launch of TeamBirth at UMass Memorial, we are leading the way to delivering a standard of care that benefits people giving birth across New England. 

Your labor and delivery team of caregivers will introduce you to TeamBirth at the time of your admission. 

Learn how we're improving patient experience and outcomes with TeamBirth.