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Board of Trustees and Administration

Board of Trustees

Evan Benjamin, MD
David Bennett
Leslie Bovenzi
Michael Collins, MD
Lisa Colombo
Eric Dickson, MD, President and CEO
Terence Flotte, MD
Elvira Guardiola, Vice Chair
Nancy Kane
Jean King, PhD 
Susan Mailman
Jean McMurray
Michael O’Brien
Robert Paulhus
Raymond Pawlicki
John Shea
Richard Siegrist
Rosemary Thomsen
Lynda Young, MD, Chair


Administration (System)

Eric Dickson, MD, MHCM, FACEP, President and CEO
Eric Alper, MD, Chief Quality Officer and Chief Informatics Officer
Robert Cournoyer, Vice President, Internal Audit
Kathleen Driscoll, Senior Vice President, Chief Philanthropy Officer
Kate Eshghi, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Brian Gibbs, PhD, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
John Greenwood, Senior Vice President, Office of Clinical Integration, President ACO 
Penny Iannelli, Chief Transformation Officer
Andrew Karson, MD, MPH, Interim President of UMass Memorial Medical Group
Jim Leary, Vice President, Government Relations
John Looney, Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Victoria McCandless, Chief of Staff and CEO Communications Officer
Sergio Melgar, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Edward Moore, President, UMass Memorial Health – Harrington
Justin Precourt, DNP, Interim President, UMass Memorial Medical Center
John Randolph, Chief Compliance Officer
Steve Roach, President, Marlborough Hospital and HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital
Robin Sodano, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Stephen Tosi, MD, Chief Physician Executive
Geraldine Vaughan, Chief Operating Officer, UMass Memorial Medical Group
Tod Wiesman, Chief Human Resources Officer