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Thoracic Cancer Center

Getting Diagnosed with Thoracic Cancer

If you suspect you have or are diagnosed with lung cancer or another type of thoracic cancer, you may experience worry or anxiety. Our team of lung cancer experts will provide peace of mind and guidance to ensure you receive an optimal treatment plan.

The team of thoracic surgeons at UMass Memorial Health Cancer Center in Worcester was one of the first in the country to perform robotic thoracic surgery, an advanced lung cancer removal procedure. Thanks to a collaboration with the UMass Chan Medical School on extensive lung cancer research and clinical trials, our patients benefit from the latest diagnostic and treatment options.

The UMass Memorial Health Cancer Center offers personalized, high-quality care in patient-focused settings at four convenient locations: UMass Memorial Medical CenterUMass Memorial Health – HealthAlliance-Clinton HospitalUMass Memorial Health  – Harrington Hospital, and UMass Memorial Health –  Marlborough Hospital. As multidisciplinary care practitioners, our team regularly meets together to discuss patient care and treatment plans. In most cases, you’ll meet with team members one-on-one during a single appointment.

Lung Cancers and Other Thoracic Cancers We Treat

From the most rare to the most complex, we treat many types of lung cancers, including:

  • Non-small cell lung carcinoma 
  • Small cell cancer, also called oat cell carcinoma 
  • Carcinoid tumors 
  • Mesothelioma 
  • Metastatic cancers to the chest 
  • Thymoma and other mediastinal tumors
  • Chest wall/rib tumors

Lung Cancer Services We Provide

Evidence shows that using low-dose CT scans to screen patients who smoke and are worried about the risk of lung cancer aids in early detection and saves lives. Learn more about our CT Lung Cancer Screening Program.

In addition, because of our highly accurate lung cancer staging (defining the degree cancer has advanced at the time of diagnosis, which aids long-term survival), you can feel confident that the treatment plan recommended for you is the best one for the type and stage of your lung cancer. Accurate staging is a critical factor in selecting treatment options, deciding on a path to recovery and ensuring the best possible result for you.

We provide many advanced treatments and technologies for lung cancer, including:

  • RapidArc, an advanced radiation treatment technology that allows our radiation oncologists to more precisely treat tumors with less damage to nearby tissues 
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery, which enables our cancer specialists to deliver high doses of radiation with precision and accuracy 
  • Robotic thoracic surgery, particularly robotic lobectomy (removal of lobe), which is used for some lung cancers 
  • Genotyping 
  • Microwave ablation and cryotherapy
  • Robotic bronchoscopy, ROADAT, a procedure that can diagnose and remove cancerous lung nodules in one procedure, as opposed to two invasive procedures.