Relentlessly Pursuing Digital Health Solutions That Improve Health Care Delivery

The Center for Digital Health Solutions (CDHS) is where health care and digital technology converge to improve patient outcomes, make care more efficient, close health equity gaps, create digital health expertise and generate novel data insights.

Through innovative initiatives such as the Advanced Therapeutics program and the Digital Health Insights Grant, CDHS energizes providers and builds systems for digital health solutions.

How Do We Do It

Core Programs

Digital Health Insights Grant Program (DIGI Grant)

On an annual basis, UMass Memorial Health funds the DIGI Grant Program to support the development of novel approaches to using digital health technologies. We are proud of our 2023 DIGI Grant Awardees and their innovative projects. 

Advanced Therapeutics Program (ATRx)

The ATRx program is the core of our portfolio, enabling patients living with chronic diseases greater and more equitable access to life-changing, next-generation therapies using innovative approaches that bridge a critical care gap.

Collaboration with UMass Chan Medical School


CDHS and the Program in Digital Medicine (PDM) at UMass Chan Medical School have a synergistic relationship. Through a unique clinical research and care partnership, PDM and CDHS work together to support and achieve their shared vision.


PDM develops “breakthrough” ideas to develop health technology products. It provides rigorous and reproducible analysis and access to networks of experts and innovators.

CDHS is the “follow-through” for implementing effective health technologies, providing direct patient care and access to patient and institutional data.

Meet The Team

We have attracted a team of leaders in health care, innovation, informatics, digital medicine, and data and analytics to pioneer and advise on the next generation of digital health care.