Everyone Is A Caregiver

Throughout UMass Memorial Health, we are all considered caregivers. Because in our own unique and important ways, we all contribute to the care our patients receive. Every day, everyone plays a critical role in our relentless pursuit of healing.

Our Caregiver Credo

Who is a caregiver?

It’s not just the person who delivers the care.

It’s all the people who make it work ... and make it better.

Caregivers never stop giving everything they can to help patients heal, from expertise to extra attention.

They give clean, comfortable rooms.

Fast, accurate answers.

And an easier, less stressful experience.

They give warm, reassuring smiles.

Someone who listens.

And helping hands.

We are more than 16,000 employees.

Working together as one health system in a relentless pursuit of healing for our patients, community and each other.

And everyone, in their own unique way, plays an important part, every day.

Everyone is a caregiver.

Meet Shaneka

Caring for Our Patients, Our Community and Each Other

As we strive to become the best place to give care and the best place to get care, it's the way we do our work that makes the difference in helping our patients heal. Learn how our caregivers are working together in a relentless pursuit of healing for our patients, community and each other.

Watch Videos

Learn more about our caregivers and how their efforts improved their caregiver experience, the patient experience and quality of care delivered.

We Are Hiring

At UMass Memorial Health, everyone is a caregiver. And we’re hiring! Discover all that we offer, including excellent benefits, flexible schedules, career growth opportunities and more.