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HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital Community Benefits Program

UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital is working to improve health outcomes so you can enjoy a longer, healthier life. Through our Community Benefits Program, we address some of the social and economic obstacles that prevent you and your loved ones from attaining good health.

Community Benefits Program at HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital

You or someone you know may have taken part in a Community Benefits Program offered by HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital. Community benefit initiatives include providing:

  • Screenings, outreach and education for residents living with or at high risk for a chronic disease, including free blood pressure screenings 
  • Community health and education programs (lectures, speakers, support groups) and screenings for target populations 
  • Community garden at Clinton Campus 
  • Tuberculosis Clinic for the community 
  • On-site training, internships and mentoring for area high school and college students 
  • Child wellness and safety training, including free bike helmets and bike safety tips for vulnerable children 
  • Scholarships for minority and vulnerable students pursuing a health-related education

Read our 2020 Community Benefits Report for the health care system to learn more.

Feedback Form

Hospital Community Benefits – Community Representative Feedback Form

The hospital welcomes input on the Community Health Needs Assessment. Please provide any written comments to Rosa Fernandez-Penaloza at

Target Populations for Community Benefits Programs

HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital focuses on medically underserved and vulnerable groups of all ages, including the following target populations:

  • Vulnerable populations at risk for developing diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke and cancer 
  • Latino population and other minority groups 
  • Individuals and families at risk of contracting tuberculosis 
  • Children ages three to 15 
  • Smokers ages 16 to 80 at-risk for developing chronic diseases and cancers 
  • Minority, vulnerable and at-risk students 
  • Older adults

Community Health Needs Assessment

HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital works at the local level to identify and address the health needs of residents in our communities. 

Read our 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment.

Read our 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment.

Read our 2015-2018 Evaluation of Impact. 

The hospital welcomes input on its Community Health Needs Assessment. Please provide any written comments to Rosa Fernandez-Penaloza at

Community Health Improvement Plans

HealthAlliance Hospital*:
Read our 2020 Community Health Improvement Plan.

Clinton Hospital*:
UMass Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital’s Community Benefits priorities align with the CHA and CHIP.
Click here to view the 2019-2021 Community Benefits Strategic Implementation Strategy.

The hospital welcomes input on its Community Benefits Implementation Strategy. Please provide any written comments to Rosa Fernandez-Pelanoza at


*Pre-merger community benefits information


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