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Radiation Therapy

Our radiation oncologists are national leaders in the field of radiation oncology.

We are nationally accredited in radiation oncology by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The ACR awards accreditation to facilities for the achievement of high practice standards.

Radiation Therapy at Marlborough Hospital

Our Cancer Center’s Varian TrueBeam system, a linear accelerator, is at the top of the line for modern radiation treatment.

Although the machine takes up nearly an entire room, it offers sophisticated and precise treatments that can target hard to reach tumors while sparing any damage to surrounding sensitive tissue.

The radiation treatment system coordinates imaging, patient positioning and motion management to:

  • Provide more precise dosages for safer radiation treatments
  • Deliver times that can be up to 50 percent faster than conventional radiation therapy
  • Treat tumors anywhere in the body
  • Increase patient comfort

Our radiation therapy system can also be used for palliative care and pain management purposes.

How Is Radiation Therapy Used?

Radiotherapy (or radiation therapy) is a standard treatment for many cancers. This process uses high-energy x-rays or radiation implants to attack cancer cells.

You may receive radiation therapy without surgery, during surgery or after surgery. Some patients may receive both radiation therapy and chemotherapy during the same treatment period.

Your radiation treatment schedule depends on your type of cancer and your individual care plan. Please check with your physician.

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