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Partial Hospital Program

Our Partial Hospital Program is a voluntary, short-term, structured outpatient mental health program that helps patients to develop independent living skills and healthy lifestyles.

Patients in our program have either completed an inpatient psychiatric stay or are taking part in this program as an alternative to being admitted to an inpatient mental health setting.

Program Length

The expected length of the program is approximately 10 days. The total length depends on insurance authorization and how each patient progresses during treatment.

Program Hours

The program runs Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

Goals of our Partial Hospital Program

  • Help patients focus on increasing coping skills and stabilizing symptoms
  • Address life management skills
  • Explore cognitive and behavioral changes
  • Identify and learn to express feelings

Program Components

  • Intensive group therapy and psycho-education
  • Medical evaluation and management
  • Individual and family therapy as needed
  • Assistance with after-care planning

Additional Information