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CT Lung Cancer Screening Program Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Screening Covered by Insurance?

LDCT screening is covered by insurance. We’ll work with you to determine the full extent of your coverage.

How Is the LDCT Lung Cancer Screening Performed?

The LDCT examination itself takes less than 10 seconds, and overall you should be done within 10 minutes. No medications are given, and no needles are used. You can eat and drink before and after the exam. You don't need to change your clothes as long as the clothes on your chest do not contain metal. You must be able to hold your breath for approximately 5 seconds while the CT examination is being performed.

Where Can I Get a LDCT Lung Cancer Screening?

We currently offer the LDCT lung cancer screening at the following locations:

  • UMass Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, MA
  • UMass Memorial Health Alliance-Clinton Hospital, Clinton and Leominster campuses
  • UMass Memorial – Marlborough Hospital, Marlborough, MA

Are There Risks Involved With LDCT?

There are some risks and limitations of LDCT lung cancer screening. These potential risks include:

  • Radiation Exposure
    By using special techniques, the amount of radiation in LDCT lung cancer screening is small, averaging the amount of radiation a person would receive from living in the United States for 4 months.
  • False Positive Test Result and Additional Testing
    LDCT lung cancer screening can show a “false positive” test result. The patient may need to have more tests, which will be performed only with permission of the patient and the referring care provider. If the patient needs a procedure, such as a biopsy, it can have potential side effects.