Muscle Diseases

If you have painful or weak muscles in your upper arms or legs, it may be a sign of muscle disease. Look to the rhematologists at UMass Memorial for help.

Diagnosis of Painful or Weak Muscles

There are many organic causes of painful or weak muscles. These include:



If left unrecognized and/or untreated, you could experience severe weakness and noticeable difference in how you move.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Rheumatologic Muscle Disease

If you experience muscle pain or weakness, UMass Memorial rheumatologists are experts in diagnosing this condition and providing the proper treatment.

Your rheumatology care consists of:

  • Thorough diagnostic evaluation, including a review of your medical history
  • Ordering and interpretation of appropriate diagnostic tests to determine the cause of your muscular condition
  • Coordinating your care with your primary physician and other specialists
  • Recommending a treatment plan
  • Monitoring your progress at regular intervals, including observation for side effects of your medication