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Infectious diseases are usually caused by organisms such as bacteria, viruses, or parasites. We have many organisms living in our bodies and they are normally harmless. Sometimes these organisms can cause you disease.

Conditions We Treat:

You may experience signs and symptoms of infectious diseases that can include fever and chills. Treatment can range from home remedies to antibiotics to hospitalization. Our physicians treat a wide range of conditions including:

  • Central nervous system infections
  • Chronic or refractory infections
  • Clinical virology
  • Endocarditis - Infection of the heart valve
  • Fever of unknown origin
  • Infections that occur as a result of a treatment in a hospital or hospital-like setting
  • Infections in the immunocompromised host
  • Bone infections
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

Infectious Diseases Research

In addition to providing you the best possible medical care, our physicians are engaged in cutting-edge research for a variety of infectious diseases with our academic partner, UMass Chan Medical School. Our physicians are engaged in various lines of research designed to identify new defenses against infectious diseases.