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Traveler’s Health Services Questions And Answers

Questions About Our Services and Your Trip

Our staff will answer any questions you may have about your upcoming appointment or trip. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Who Needs to Visit the Traveler's Health Service?

As traveler visiting a developing country, you can benefit from preventive medical services, especially if you:

  • Will be visiting tropical and subtropical regions or developing countries
  • Enter remote areas
  • Have contact with animals
  • Provide humanitarian relief or clinical care

UMass Memorial travel specialists have specific expertise in advising those who are planning international adoption, pregnant women, adults accompanied by children or infants, people with underlying medical conditions or allergies, and anyone leaving the United States to conduct scientific research.

How Can I Prepare for my Travel Appointment?

  • Please bring a detailed itinerary of your trip including dates, locations, accommodations, and planned activities.
  • Please bring your prior immunization records including routine vaccines and any previous travel vaccines.
  • Please check with your health insurance regarding coverage of travel related services. Some insurance plans do not cover travel medicine services including counseling, medications, vaccines, and lab tests.

What Vaccines Do You Provide?

What If I Get Sick When Abroad or After I Return?

Should you become ill while traveling, seek evaluation immediately at the nearest medical clinic or facility. We advise that you research where the nearest medical facilities are located at your destination prior to travel. If you develop fever, chills, persistent diarrhea, or any other symptoms after you return, please contact the Travel Clinic. 

Travelers who are sick upon return will receive immediate attention from infectious disease specialists with expertise in tropical and international medicine. Patient visits are arranged on either an urgent or routine basis, depending on the problem.

What Countries Require Immunizations and Preventive Medications?

Your visit to the Travelers' Health Service is strongly recommended when going to most of the countries in the developing world, including:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Central and South America
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Eastern and Southern Europe
  • Middle East