Effective January 2, 2024

Patients and visitors are strongly encouraged to wear masks, particularly if they have symptoms of respiratory illness and when they are visiting an admitted patient with a respiratory illness. At caregiver discretion, patients and visitors may be asked to wear a mask. If they do not comply with masking when asked to do so, they may be asked to leave.

UMass Memorial Health – Marlborough Hospital supports a patient and family-focused environment. We appreciate the need of our patients to have visitors and the need of family and friends to provide support to their loved ones while in the hospital.

This policy applies to all patients and families in Inpatient, Ambulatory (including outpatient and Emergency Departments), and procedural settings. ICU visitations will be altered as needed for patient care.

Changes to Marlborough Hospital's Visitation Policy may be put into effect during community outbreaks and in accordance with regulatory organizations.

In respecting the care and comfort needs of our patients, visitors are generally welcome on the medical/surgical units between 10 am to 7 pm. Under limited circumstances, a designated support person may have overnight visitation on some units if it does not interfere with the medical care and treatment of any of our patients. 

Granger 1 and 2 Visiting Hours: 10 am to 7 pm (recommended)

ICU Visiting Hours: 12 noon to 7 pm (recommended)

The recommended length of stay per visit in the ICU is 30 minutes and the number of visitors may be restricted. 

On our Behavioral Health Unit, visitation appointments can be scheduled with the patient’s care team.

Exceptions to visiting hours may be made by the care team for end of life and other circumstances when it may be in the best interest of the patient or family for a visit.