Marlborough Hospital
Visitor Guidance

Marlborough Hospital screens everyone who enters the hospital for symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection or other respiratory infection.

  • Anyone entering the hospital is required to perform hand hygiene and always wear a mask. The hospital will issue a new mask to visitors/patients to wear.
  • A visitor with any symptom will not be permitted into the hospital.
  • A ‘visitor badge’ is given to all patients/visitors.
  • A visitor who arrives to visit a patient on a unit will be asked to wait until the unit is called and the visit is approved by the patient’s care team.
  • Recommended length of stay per visit is 30 minutes. Visits may be shorter in the ICU. Covid positive patients and patients on precautions will be allowed visitors. Proper PPE must be worn.

Designated Support Persons: For purposes of this procedure are birth partners, parents of patients who are under the age of 18 years old, attorneys of patients and companions or designated support persons for patients with a disability or special needs. Designated support persons may include but shall not be limited to a guardian or other legally authorized decision-maker, family member, caregiver, personal care assistant or other disability service provider knowledgeable about the patient’s care. Designated support persons are not considered visitors but must be screened for Covid.

Granger 1 and 2 Visiting Hours: 10am to 7pm (recommended)

ICU Visiting Hours: 12noon to 7pm (recommended)

  • No visitors under the age of 18 years old are allowed in the hospital.
  • In-patient units/ICU
    • Patients may have visitors but the number of visitors may be restricted.
  • Out-patient units
    • Designated support persons are allowed.  Due to limited space in the waiting rooms, the hospital may need to limit visitors accompanying a patient for a test/procedure.
  • Emergency Department
    • Patients will be allowed one (1) visitor (recommended). Minors will be allowed up to two (2) designated support persons.
  • Granger 3
    • Visitors must make an appointment in advance.
  • CMO/End-of-life/Imminent death
    • Patients will be allowed up to two (2) visitors at a time. Visitors must adhere to all PPE guidelines.

Visitors will be allowed outside of visiting hours to visit a patient who is end-of-life or imminent death. The visit will be coordinated by the patient’s care team. Visitors will be screened.

The patient’s care team is available to discuss modifications to the Visitor Guidance.