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Daniel's Fight

Daniel Colbert was young, fit and active. When he experienced some unusual pain, he wrote it off as a side-effect of working out. But when his lymph nodes became swollen, he turned to UMass Memorial Health for help. The diagnosis: Hodgkin lymphoma.

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

80 to 90 percent of the 150,000 cases diagnosed each year in the US are preventable through screening. Screening colonoscopies let doctors find and remove pre-cancerous polyps before they become cancerous.

Ways to Reduce Health Complications From Diabetes

When it comes to diabetes, proper treatment and recommended lifestyle changes can prevent and/or delay the onset of serious complications from diabetes.

Should You go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Department?

When Illness or injury strike, you need to make a decision on where and when to get your health care. Sometimes it’s confusing to know when to go to the emergency room (think shark bite) and when urgent care would be a good option (think dog bite).