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North Pavilion

Computer-generated graphic of the future North Pavilion exterior

The newest addition to the UMass Memorial Medical Center’s University Campus, the North Pavilion building, is scheduled to open in January 2025. This technologically advanced building will help us meet the needs of our patients now and in the future.

Part of our University Campus, the North Pavilion will be an inpatient, acute-care facility. One of the key guiding principles of this project is to support our caregivers in delivering high-quality patient care, while creating an optimal healing space for our patients.

The North Pavilion will have 18 private rooms per floor for a total of 72 patient beds. These rooms will be technologically sophisticated and comfortable, designed for both patients and visitors, ensuring optimal care and relaxation.


The North Pavilion building will:

  • Mostly provide care for patients who stay in the hospital (inpatients), but will also have outpatient CT scans and ultrasounds.
  • Have hospital beds for patients who need to be watched closely, just like other parts of the University Campus.
  • Not have an emergency room or intensive care unit, but will have 24/7 code teams.

Virtual Tour

Explore the North Pavilion with this virtual tour, led by David McManus, MD, Chair of Medicine at UMass Memorial Health.

Additional Images

These illustrations show what particular areas of the North Pavilion building will look like when construction is complete.

Lobby Entrance:

Image of the future North Pavilion lobby

Lobby Café:

Image of the future North Pavilion lobby's cafe

Patient Room: 

Image showing what the patient room will look like

Image depicting the patient room, viewed from the exterior wall