Child Psychiatry

When your child or teenager has difficulty coping or is experiencing negative behavior that causes problems in their lives and the lives of those around them, feel confident knowing UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient mental health services right here in Central Massachusetts.

Caring, compassion and confidentiality are the hallmarks of the program that encompass evaluation and diagnosis, ongoing psychotherapy and medication management.

Mental Health Conditions We Treat

Child psychiatry disorders we treat include:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Autism and other developmental disabilities with behavioral features
  • Domestic violence, neglect, physical and sexual abuse
  • Mood disorders
  • Sexual disorders
  • Treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders in adolescents

Emergency Mental Health for Children

  • Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Services at UMass Memorial Medical Center provide brief intervention, when appropriate.
  • Services are provided at the UMass Memorial - University Campus Emergency Department.
  • Our evaluation team can travel to other community sites.
  • Please call 508-856-3562 to access services.
  • Services are available 24 hours a day for all ages.
  • Staff will help establish follow-up care.

Child Psychiatry Services in Central Massachusetts

Child psychiatry experts have advanced skills in treating children and adolescents who have various forms of mental health disorders. Psychiatrists work with your child’s primary care provider to provide a coordinated level of care and support your family. Services include:

  • Child psychiatric consultation for youth with medical conditions
  • Child psychiatric consultation to pediatric primary care providers
  • Divorce and custody evaluations
  • Infant psychiatry
  • Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Services
  • Adolescent Psychiatry Services
  • Pediatric Outpatient Psychiatry Services