Pediatric HIV/AIDS

If your child is infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) or is at risk for infection, he/she may need special care and treatment. Children benefit from the HIV research and care available through our Maternal-Child HIV Program and academic partner UMass Chan Medical School.

HIV Care Focused on Children

Our team of specialists will treat your child based on his/her unique needs. We focus on the following goals:

  • To provide comprehensive care to HIV-infected children and families through a multi-disciplinary team approach meaning a team of specialists from different backgrounds work collaboratively to provide the best care. This includes providing access to the latest investigational strategies to prevent transmission from mother to baby, to treat pediatric HIV infection, and to prevent or treat opportunistic infections.
  • To conduct innovative research that will improve our understanding of HIV infection in children, and lead to improved methods to prevent and treat pediatric HIV infection.
  • To develop outreach into communities with a high prevalence of pediatric HIV infection and that have limited access to prevention/treatment strategies.

Child and Mother HIV Care in the Community

Pediatric services are provided at the Children's Medical Center on our University Campus. Services for HIV-positive women are provided on the Memorial Campus. Care is also provided at two community health centers:

Appointments: 855-UMASS-MD

Children's Medical Center
University Campus
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655


Children's Hospital Association 


UMass Memorial Medical Group at Northborough Crossing
333 Southwest Cutoff
Northborough, MA 01532