Cochlear Implant Services and Devices

Cochlear Implant Services in Central Massachusetts

UMass Memorial Medical Center prides itself on family-centered care and our Cochlear Implant Program is no different. When caring for you or your loved one, we offer support to families throughout the cochlear implant process, including these services:

  • Insurance/reimbursement assistance
  • Family networking and community education
  • Choice of different cochlear implant devices

Cochlear Implant Devices

We believe that you, the patient, are the most important member of your health care team. Adult and pediatric cochlear implant recipients can choose the cochlear implant they feel is best for them. Members of the cochlear implant team provide unbiased explanations of the different cochlear implants available, including the internal and external components, speech processors and other options as appropriate.

Recipients or parents make their choice of a specific cochlear implant in a variety of ways. Research studies show that performance of cochlear implant recipients is very similar, regardless of which cochlear implant is used. Instead, the “fine tuning” of the cochlear implant for each individual user is the most important indicator of success. Therefore, there is no way to make a bad choice when choosing a specific implant.

If desired, potential cochlear implant recipients can be put in touch with current users to discuss personal experience with each device.

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